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Payments are due at the beginning of each quarter.

January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st are the quarterly due dates.

Thank you to everyone who pays at the start of each quarter. When payments are made at the end of the quarter it interferes with the next quarterly billing and gets crossed up in the mail as new envelopes are distributed.

All bills are placed out at the home where service is received at the beginning of each 3rd month. (The last month of each quarter.) The envelopes are placed at the door or attached to the can.

The mailing address is:

25 Baron Court                                                                                                
Pittsboro, NC  27312

We now can take over the phone credit card payments. There is a 3% fee for using this service.  Call 919-542-5398 for the over the phone pay option.

If you issue payments to us thru your financial banking institution/online bill pay you will need to use your physical address as the account number.

Checks payments should be returned in the envelope provided unless payment is made through your online banking. This can be mailed or attached to the can on day of service (weather permitting). Make sure to have your service address on your payment which is your account number.

Returned check fee $35.00.

Thank you for your cooperation in handling payments in a timely manner.

For extended absences of a month (4 consecutive weeks) or more or to put a hold on the account more, call for rate adjustments.

For periods less than one month we are unable to offer any adjustments.