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9-22-23 All trash/recycle should be out by 6:00 am for collections and left out until each truck collects their portion of the route.

Effective 7-25-22

Everyone has received or will be receiving a flyer this week to notify everyone that liquids may no longer be placed in the trash or recycle for removal. Please empty all containers from bottle, jars, or any other containers. It will eliminate spillage for the landfill, recycle center and your neighborhood roads.  When the truck get full and needs to pack back to make room for more trash/recycle, these liquids spill from the containers. This can cause the back end to get filled with liquid and with the movement of the truck operating can easily spill out.

One trash can may be placed out for collection, two cans is not allowed unless you have signed up for the additional can to be collected for an additional monthly fee.
An extra bag or two of trash beside the trash can from time to time is allowed.

The monthly price is based upon the removal of one trash can and one recycle container (where available).

We are doing what we can to avoid a rate increase for everyone and by following these new guidelines this can help keep everyone's costs down for as long as possible.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and helping with this new guideline.
For those of you concerned about the cleanliness and/or spread of the coronavirus,  residents can use a clorox solution or any other disinfectant on the cans or bins. This will be at the discretion and responsibilty of the homeowner if you choose to clean your can.
We recommend washing hands before and after contact with the trash can/recycle bins as the CDC has advised or wear gloves.

Understand we are not asking individuals to clean the cans but are letting everyone know you may do so if you have concerns about these items being cleaned.

Here is a website for further hand washing details

Effective July 1, 2019 there will be a rate increase due to the rising cost for operation and for the landfill unloading fees and the fees for the unloading of the recycling. You may email us if you have any additional questions and thank you in advance.

Effective 2-14-18 if you choose to your your own items such as cans and bins we can not be held responsible for damages to items other than what is provided from First Choice Disposal.

Residential recycle collection available in select areas to current First Choice Disposal customers with same day collection for both trash and recycle.

Special bulky item pick up such as furniture, appliances and larger items. Must call for further information and removal rates.

No whole or partial animal remains are allowed in the trash or recycle.

Christmas Tree collections are offered in January.

 As a reminder the trash should be placed out on one side of the driveway and the recycle on the opposite side from the trash by 6:00 am curbside. There are many factors that can alter the time of arrival for services. If you choose to place items out past 6:00 am for collection you run the risk of missing the trucks should we arrive earlier.

We have two different trucks collecting these materials and they will have different arrival times. Please leave all items out for collection until each truck has had a chance to collect the route.

Please empty all liquids from jars, bottles or any other container before placing them into the trash or recycle. This will prevent spillage and will be environmentally better for the recycle center and landfill. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.