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All recycle is mixed together in recycle bin. Nothing needs to be separated.
All items should be rinsed with lids removed. Lids may be placed in the recycle just not attached to the container.
Shredded paper must be placed in a CLEAR plastic bag or in a sealed cardboard box.
Please empty any liquids from jars, bottles or any other containers. This will prevent spillage and be better for the recycle center and landfills environment.

Recycle will be collected on the same day as your trash. These items should be placed out by 7:00 am. The trash and recycle should be placed out on opposite sides of the driveway from each other. This helps the crews can easily distinguish which is recycle and which is trash. Extra recycle may be placed out in CLEAR trash bags for collection. Black, colored and opaque bags cannot be be used for additional recycle items.

The following items will be collected for recycle and should be out by 7:00 am curbside or the night before your designated day of collection.  Recycle items must be placed within one foot of the curb.

Glass- All colors (green, brown, and clear)  Rinsed and lids removed. Lids may be placed out separate from container.

Plastic- All plastics numbered 1-7 (coded on bottom). Rinsed and lids removed. Lids may be placed out separate from container. Styrofoam, plastic bags, and bubble wrap even if it has recycle symbol or code is not accepted.

Cans- Steel and aluminum. All items must be rinsed.

Paper products- Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, old phone books, packing paper, paperback books, hardback books (remove binding) and all cardboard (corrugated and non corrugated) such as detergent boxes, cereal, pizza boxes, moving boxes etc.


Plastic bags, Styrofoam, ceramics, clay pots, light bulbs, bubble wrap, AC or oil filters, tissue products, tires, batteries, toiletries and oil are NOT collected with recycle.

No whole or partial animal remains are allowed in the trash or recycle for collection.

Effective 2-14-18 if you choose to use your own items such as can and bins we can not be held responsible for damages other than items provided for First Choice Disposal